Residential/commercial installation technician

Job Description

Essential Duties:

  •  Responsible for multiple tasks involving the take down/repair of old doors/equipment, installation of new doors, operators and equipment and multiple service categories on doors, operators and associated equipment.
  •  Loading/unloading trucks, staging/pulling orders and other materials which includes frequent bending, kneeling and lifting.
  •  Locate, check and verify the accuracy of the product being loaded with load requests, product specifications, customer orders, customer sequencing, sizes, piece counts, or other information as necessary.
  •  Ability to lift 80 to 100 pounds above shoulder height, consistently, and occasionally higher weights as required, daily climbing of extension and step ladders
  •  Valid insurable driver’s license
  •  Strong team skills are a MUST.
  •  Evaluate appropriate door and service requirements for each job.
  •  Establish the needs of each job and document the full installation/services needed. Determine if added work needs to be performed and measures needed to assure approved installation of product.
  •  Alterations, construction modifications and obstructions must be noted before each job is to begin.
  •  Documentation of the work to be performed is presented to the customer for approval and acceptance.

Prior to commencement of work determine if appropriate tools and equipment are working and/or available. Perform related minor work in framing, build-ins, and adjustments. Install/service Overhead doors using appropriate tools, hardware and equipment. Install/service Overhead and other manufactured garage door operators. Perform residential installation/service on a wide range of products, to include hinges, operators, door sections, springs, torque masters, locks, etc. Care and maintenance of equipment and tools provided by Overhead Door of Texarkana.

  •  Care and maintenance of vehicles provided by Overhead Door of Texarkana. Maintain appropriate parts inventory in the vehicle to ensure quick and available items for repair, service and installation services. Minimize call back ratio.
  •  Represent Overhead Door with customers and present themselves in a professional demeanor. Provide explanation of the work to be performed and work finished. Description of operating functions, safety systems, operator controls and proper customer maintenance are required.
  •  Provide residential install/service that is expedient and well prepared, understanding the various types of doors, operators and hardware that are to be installed.
  •  Upon completion of each install/service call, clean up work area and discard refuse in appropriate containers or deliver such refuse to designated drop site as indicated by Overhead Door of Texarkana.
  •  Contact Overhead Door dispatch system regarding job progress, time of completion and additional work that needs to be performed. Provide a billing document to the consumer and accept payment as determined by Overhead Door of Texarkana.
  •  The back up copies of such information and payment are to be retained in a safe place and delivered to Overhead Door of Texarkana.
  •  Perform other duties within the department as necessary.

Job Type: Full-time